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2013-07-05 05:57 pm

fic: if you go straight long enough / Les Miserables

if you go straight long enough / Les Miserables / Valjean (Madeliene era) and Javert / G

Summery: It is a right given by authority and status to discipline subordinates when and as one sees fit.


A/N: written for the penance/punishment square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. Takes place after Fantine's arrest, both in the brick and the 2012 musical, but this makes more sense characterization-wise if you have the benifit of reading Javert's inner monologue during that scene, I think. General warning for smooshing brick!Javert and Crowe!Javert's personalities.





title from 3rd Planet From the Sun by Modest Mouse

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2013-07-01 09:39 pm
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